Jade Bahr is a loving person who cares. She is considerate of others and holds genuine interest in others’ needs. She is a strong and driven woman who calmly looks at situations many would find difficult, and always has a thoughtful, creative solution to provide. Over the years I have known Jade, she has made countless effort to ensure the strength and growth of her community. She invests her time in building a healthy and productive community for youth, elderly, and families of all ages. She notices the unnoticed and reaches out to them with a helpful hand. Jade Bahr looks beyond temporary solutions, and focuses on what will build a successful future and last a lifetime. Jade Bahr engages the public in interests that are personal to them. I support Jade Bahr because her focus is on solutions for all people and a society ran democratically, for the people- not for corporate interest. She is motivated and highly capable of making real positive change. Ms. Bahr is an inspiring and dedicated Montanan and would be an absolute asset as a voice from this district
— Kathleen Goss
It has been one of my great privileges in life to volunteer along side House candidate Jade Bahr on several campaigns for the betterment of our community and our state. And never have I met a more passionate and compassionate individual who was dedicated to lifting up the voices of the voiceless.

Candidate Jade Bahr understands that the strength of Montana lies in the hearts of the people who live and work here. She will work and fight hard to ensure that all Montanans have an equal footing and an equal opportunity in leading our state into the future. Above all, she will stand firm beside those Montanans who have fallen through the cracks.

I support House candidate Jade Bahr because Jade Bahr supports me.
— Daniel Mehrens-Wallace
Jade Bahr is the ideal candidate for house district 50 of Billings, MT. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jade, a little over 10 years, and she is a one-of-kind human being. I have yet to meet a person with more patience, understanding, and passion as Miss Bahr. For the last 10 years, I have watched her blossom into an even more responsible, caring, and intelligent woman. She has found her calling in political activism. Jade has never and will never be a woman who sits back without a voice for injustice. She has decided to take on the responsibility of making a change in our community. I know nothing can stop her. She will fight hard for her people, listen to her people, respect her people, and feel with her people. I have been lucky to have Miss Bahr in my life. It would only be responsible of us, as people in our community, to make the best decision and elect the best candidate. That candidate is Jade Bahr. Jade has improved my life tremendously; allowed the opportunity, she will do the same for Billings.
— Nichole Lowrance


Jade Bahr is one of the most sincere, hard working and understanding individuals that I have known. In the 15 years that I have had the pleasure of calling her a friend, I have yet to see her waste her energy criticizing or complaining about things that she does not agree with, she is too busy taking action. She’s unafraid to stand up for what or who she believes in and does so while implementing her incredible sense of dignity. She is both wise and smart. She is confident and honest about who she is and inspires others to do the same. She is passionate about her community and is ready to create real change for those that are considered the most vulnerable members of House District 50; these individuals are the absolute foundation of the community. For these reasons and many more that cannot be put into words, I strongly believe in Jade Bahr’s capabilities as a legislature.
— Brittaney Garza

kelly mccarthy

Former House district 49 representative for 2013-2018

“Jade is uniquely qualified to serve us in Helena. She has devoted most of her life to creating opportunity for the youth of our city and helping people with disabilities develop works skills and achieve their dreams.

In Helena, she will work to restore support to programs that our most vulnerable and cherished Montanans rely on to lead fruitful lives.  She will also continue to work to make sure that every Montana has a chance to prosper and preserve Montana as The Last Best Place for generations to come.”
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